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Dragon for the Legal Profession

Hi -- Thanks for visiting our site.  My name is Richard Anderton, and I've been providing lawyers with Dragon speech recognition software, and teaching them how to use it for over a decade.

And, let me tell you, there's never been a better time to switch from traditional transcription to speech recognition for all your dictation.

...there's never been a better time to switch from traditional transcription to speech recognition for all your dictation.

Dragon is AMAZINGLY accurate, and now, there are lots of great microphone options that allow you to work the way you want to.  On the page below this video, you will find all kinds of information about Dragon speech recognition software.

So if you've got questions about how long it takes to learn, should you get the legal, or professional version, will Dragon work with your practice management software, will Dragon get your specialty legal terminology, how does it handle legal citations, and so on -- you've come to the right place.

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If you have any questions that aren't answered on this page, PLEASE feel free to contact us either by telephone, or with the form at the bottom of this page.

I assure you we are real people, with years of experience helping lawyers like you, make their dictation and transcription experience faster, and more efficient; so they can be as productive as possible ... and, we are here to help you too.  Who knows -- with Dragon you may never need to work late again.

Have a look at what some of these lawyers are saying…

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal

Once you teach Dragon (new words) it never misspells them

Dragon was available 24 hours a day, if I needed Dragon.  And Dragon could travel with me.

Dragon allowed me to free up my assistant -- to let her do things that are smarter for her to do, than to transcribe a tape for me.  It's really a waste of a very intelligent resource to do that.

What my assistant does for me today is -- I will dictate things to Dragon -- and then I will give it to her to proofread.  That results in the finished product getting out the door.

Nicholas Harding, lawyer

What questions are you asking about Dragon Legal Speech Recognition Software?

  1. Does Dragon Speech Recognition Software actually work?
  2. Will Dragon work for MY voice?
  3. Will Dragon work with my Software?
  4. Is it really worth the cost and time to implement?
  5. What microphone should I use for the greatest efficiency?
  6. How long will it take to learn how to use the software?

As you go through this page, we will THOROUGHLY answer all of these questions for you.

Additionally, if you have any other questions, that we haven't answered yet, and you don't have time to go through the entire webpage, please feel free to call us right now!  We would be delighted to chat with you, and answer any questions you may have.  Please call 403-809-8255.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal

I've really come to rely on Dragon to get those tasks done

Originally bought product to help lawyers increase efficiency.

Bob spends a good part of his day sending and replying to email, drafting memoranda, preparing papers for court -- all with Dragon.

They purchased the legal edition, so they would have access to the additional legal terminology.

"I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking with just about every application we use in the office."… because it improved my efficiency.  (Including: word processing, email, calendaring, time and billing, and litigation software.)

Bob Kann, Managing Partner & Intellectual Property Lawyer

"For me, Dragon is an extra right-hand..."

I use Dragon every day to write briefs, prepare emails, and write letters and memoranda.

In 2006, I was unable to write or type due to surgery on my writing hand. I began using Dragon every day to write briefs, prepare emails, and write letters and memoranda. During that time, I could not even have my secretary prepare items I had dictated because I could not write to correct and revise the drafts. Although my secretary was a bit nervous when she first saw me using Dragon, she has learned that it would never be a replacement for her valuable assistance; rather, it would be the extra "right hand" I needed. While my hand healed completely, I have continued to use Dragon regularly, both professionally and personally. It has revolutionized my written work and has continued to be my extra "right hand."

Genevieve Martin

"I have used Dragon exclusively since 1997..."

With the help of Dragon I… create drafts of legal documents

I think back to the time when I happened to be browsing through an electronics store and came across Dragon back in 1997. I have used Dragon exclusively since that time. Never had it become more important than that day in February 2007 when I was diagnosed with leukemia. I am a solo practitioner and for the most part not all that techno-savvy and use the two finger method of typing. You can start to see my problem. I was struggling to juggle my career and health issues. To make matters worse, I immune suppressed, which limited my ability to be in contact with people, even my own staff. This is where Dragon NaturallySpeaking came to the rescue. With the help of Dragon I was able to communicate with staff and clients, create drafts of legal documents and in general be productive again without concern for my limitations. It was an intricate part in helping me to go through what I have come to call the "process", professionally and personally. Sometimes words cannot express the gratefulness one has for something as simple as a word recognition program and other technology to a person like me.

Matthew Simone

"Dragon has been an invaluable tool..."

I have made extensive use of Dragon

As an attorney, Dragon has been an invaluable tool for writing briefs, arguments and various correspondence. Recently I have been assigned to a task requiring hours of tedious data and text entry into a program that generates a legal document for filing. I have made extensive use of Dragon to more efficiently complete this task, often without the use of the keyboard at all. This last March, I had my first skiing accident, which resulted in my left arm being broken near the wrist. This of course made typing a problem, but when I returned from my ski trip I was able to step right back into my assignment without much difficulty by doing most of the data entry using Dragon and my mouse. No matter how fast I may have been able to type before, I would not have been able to match my pre-injury speed and efficiency if it had not been for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Tom Koenig

Are you overworked, and always behind?

With Dragon, you can create documents as fast as you can speak.

Dragon can be used with digital voice recorders, so you can record your thoughts even well out of the office (at home, or on the road).

Be sure to explore the 2nd half of the video above, by clicking the video below.

  • Enjoy Unparalleled Speech Recognition Accuracy and Performance. Dragon Legal offers unprecedented speed and accuracy. You can create documents and emails three times faster than typing with up to 99% accuracy. And because Dragon Legal tunes itself to what you say and how you say it, it becomes even more accurate over time.
  • Dictate Directly Into Your PC or Use a Digital Handheld Recorder. Depending on how and where you work, you can choose your preferred dictation approach. Dictate directly into your PC or use a digital voice recorder. Dragon will automatically transcribe the audio files of your voice when you connect to your PC. Or Dragon will make the transcription files available to support staff for third-party correction and will automatically update your user profile based on those corrections.
  • Streamline Third-Party Correction. Both the audio and the transcribed text of a digital voice recording can be sent to a transcriptionist for review. An Auto-Transcribe Folder can manage text and synchronized audio flow for third-party review, which streamlines the process of correcting another person's dictation.
  • Automate Repetitive Document Creation Tasks. Dragon Legal lets you (or someone on your IT staff) create custom voice commands to instantly build and format templates for contracts or other legal documents, or trigger the execution of frequent or multi-step computer tasks. Custom commands can be used to quickly enter frequently used boilerplate text and images (including formatted paragraphs, bullet points, and graphics like scanned signatures), or to automate a sequence of tasks such as saving a document under a client name, printing it,  and attaching it to an email.
  • Dragon Voice Shortcuts Let You Perform Tasks Faster Than Ever. With Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Email and Calendar, you can say, "send email to Jon Smith and Raphael Sanchez," and Dragon Legal will activate your email program, create a new email, and add the appropriate email addresses. Or to schedule a meeting, you can simply say, "Schedule meeting with Jon Smith and Raphael Sanchez," and Dragon jumpstarts the process by opening a new calendar entry in Outlook and adding the selected contact(s).
  • Manage Large User Networks. Dragon Legal offers administrative tools to manage large user populations. Organizations with large deployments can centrally manage voice profiles, custom vocabularies, and multiple installations. Robust security and configuration options enable administrators to control Dragon usage across the enterprise.

Dragon speech recognition software may be just the tool you need

Dictate up to 160 words per minute right in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, or your law firm's other computer applications.

Dragon never calls in sick, or goes away on vacation.  It's always available -- whenever you need to do any dictation, while at home, in the office, or out on the road.

Dragon works with your existing precedents, and custom voice commands can easily be created to automate the creation of new documents.

If you have taken a moment to watch the video testimonials above, and read the comments from just a few of the lawyers around the world, who use Dragon Legal, you should have come to the same conclusions as us…

1.  Does Dragon Speech Recognition Software actually work?

Absolutely YES! As mentioned above, we have been providing Dragon Speech Recognition Software solutions for over 10 years. I also use Dragon Professional myself, and won't use my computer without it anymore

2.  Will Dragon Legal work for MY voice?

We have clients from all parts of the world and are more confident now than ever with Dragon 15, that effective use of speech recognition software is within the grasp of almost everyone on the planet, no matter WHERE they are from.

3.  Will Dragon Legal work with my Software?

With over a decade of Dragon implementation experience, and as you heard, and read from the testimonials above, Dragon Legal works with almost any Windows-based application. We are confident Dragon will work well with your word processor, email, time and billing and practice management software applications, or we can come up with efficient workarounds to improve your lawyers productivity.

4.  Is it really worth the cost?

Unquestionably YES! For most of our clients, they experience about a 3 month Return on Investment (ROI). For larger firms, they are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on transcription, and now their Assistants are able to do more intelligent, and more valuable tasks, instead of transcription. And don't forget -- Dragon will keep on working for you day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year -- and never gets sick, or goes on vacation! In fact, many of our clients experience a "relative transcription cost" of between $50, and $75 per month for UNLIMITED transcription. (*Please call us for a detailed explanation.)

5.  What microphone should I use for the greatest efficiency?  And…

6.  How long will it take to learn how to use the software?

Ooops -- we haven't answered either of these questions yet.  Sorry about that!  Let's get right to it -- but before we do…

REMEMBER -- We are here to help you!

If you have any questions, that we haven't answered yet, but you don't have time to go through the entire webpage, please feel free to call us right now!  We would be delighted to chat with you, and answer any questions you may have.  Please call 403-809-8255.

What is so special about a desktop microphone?

Desktop microphones provide the most comfortable way to use Dragon.

As mentioned previously on this page, we have been providing speech recognition software for lawyers, for over a decade.  During that time, we have seen specific advantages, with this type of microphone, that provide significant benefits for lawyers.

1.  A Desktop Microphone works particularly well with the workflow of a lawyer.  As you go throughout your day, and are creating your documents, you may have other papers that you are reviewing, on your desk.  You probably have people to meet with, or court appearances to make.  Even while you are at your desk, the phone may ring, or someone may come into your office to speak with you.  Having your hands-free to complete all of these other tasks is a particularly convenient way to use your Dragon.

2.  Using a desktop microphone affords almost the same convenience as a handheld recorder, but with greater accuracy.  There is no question, if you are constantly out of the office, and away from your desk -- a Digital Voice Recorder with Dragon speech recognition software will be the best solution for you.  (If this is the case for you, please call us to discuss the best available options at this time.)  However, having said that, if you are able to sit at your desk while doing most of your dictation, the completely "hands-free", and "headset free" experience with your Dragon, is very enjoyable, and is more accurate than a recorder, because your voice is going directly into the computer.  This is how I have used my Dragon for the past several years.


There are also some HANDHELD microphones that may be appropriate for you -- particularly if you have been dictating with a handheld voice recorder for many many years.  If you would like to explore some of these options, please feel free to call us after you have chosen the software only order option below.

As mentioned above, if you would prefer to use a handheld Digital Voice Recorder for your dictation, please call us to discuss the most appropriate options available currently.  Additionally, if this is the option you prefer, we can actually train your secretary to do all of your dictation corrections in a manner that will allow your Dragon software to learn from any mistakes it may have made.  For some lawyers, this is a great option, because it allows them to simply dictate as they always have, and their secretaries take care of creating the document, by "feeding" the audio into Dragon, and then making corrections

Headset Microphones

Dragon Legal comes with a good quality, lightweight headset microphone that will give you great accuracy with your dictation.  If you are not yet sure which kind of microphone you would prefer, you can begin using Dragon with the included headset.

Handheld Microphones

Handheld microphones are particularly popular with our physician clients. If you are a "pacer" who likes to walk around the office well you do your dictation, we have several held microphones with very long cables (6 feet), that would allow you to walk around your office well you did your dictation.

Digital Voice Recorders

As mentioned above, using a Digital Voice Recorder is an excellent option for those who are often away from their desk, or out of the office.  You simply record your thoughts into the recorder, then when you come back to the office you or your assistant can submit the recorded audio into the Dragon speech recognition software, and have it automatically typed out for you.

NOTE: One of the most significant disadvantages with dictating this way, is that once the text has been created, it still needs to be "sent" to its final destination.  This can be as simple as copying and pasting the text into the application that you want it in (i.e. Microsoft Word).  However, it must be understood that this will require an additional steps -- more than dictating directly to your computer, and right into the application that you are working in.

For Dragon, there are 2 kinds of training that need to happen before you can use the software effectively.

  1. "Enrollment Training", must take place, so that Dragon understands how you speak.
  2. "User Training" must take place, so that YOU understand what to say to Dragon.


In order for you to teach Dragon how you speak, you begin by simply reading stories to the software.  You can choose which stories you want to read, and how many.  To achieve basic levels of accuracy, this can be achieved within 7-10 minutes.  If you want to achieve EXCEPTIONAL levels of accuracy with complex vocabularies additional steps are recommended.


This is where you learn how to talk to Dragon.  While dictation is simple, what do you do if Dragon types out something that you did not say?  What do you say when you want Dragon to DO something, rather than just type out what you have spoken.  How do you format text?  What do you say if you want to switch to another application, open a template, or search the Internet?

We want to help you be as effective and efficient as absolutely possible.

For the last decade, we have been providing Physicians, and Medical Professionals, with specialty speech recognition TRAINING to ensure that their investment in the technology does not go to waste.  We want to help you be as effective and efficient as absolutely possible.  We want to make sure you are not just comfortable with the software, but CONFIDENT!

...we are not happy until you say, "Oh My Gosh -- I can't believe it's working!"

If we provide you personal speech recognition training, we are not happy until you say something like, "Oh My Gosh -- I can't believe it's working!",  or "I will never go back to typing my documents again!"

How much is it worth to you to make sure you become an efficient speech recognition software user?  We have several training options available, but before we discuss those, there is another very important question you must ask yourself…

"Self-Taught" Personal Learner

Are you the kind of person who grabs hold of new technology wholeheartedly?  Are you the kind of person who is eager to try new things?  Are you the one in the office that people come to ask technical, computer related questions of?  If you are, then we have included a WONDERFUL collection of video training resources that we will provide you FREE, to get you on your way with your new Dragon Medical Practice Edition speech recognition software.  This may be all you need.

"Show-Me-Now" Immediate Learner

Are you the kind of person that just does not have time to watch hours of training videos, even if they are FREE.  Do you just need this software to work right now!  Are you the kind of person that would prefer a little bit of "hand-holding" to get you going, even if there was a small cost?  If you are, then we have WONDERFUL news for you.  We're also going to include the FREE video training resources mentioned above, but we also have support technicians, and software trainers available for you.  If you want to try to start learning with the free resources included with your purchase, feel free.  However, whenever you feel the need to give us a call, to have us give you more structured, instructor led training, please just call.

To arrange a Personal Trainer to provide you with some customized, 1-on-1 online training, please call us at 403-809-8255.

If you purchase your Dragon Legal Speech Recognition Software from us, you don't just get the software!

Here's what's included with your purchase of Dragon Legal from us:

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal version 15 (World-Renowned Legal Speech Recognition Software)

Top-Quality, Lightweight Headset Microphone for great speech recognition accuracy

FREE access to our Web Video Training Portal (Approx. 7 hours of video) -- one year subscription

FREE Training Workbook with Exercises to help you learn how to use the software

FREE Double-Sided Quick Reference Card

FREE Remote Installation Services -- if required (maximum 1 hour)

Take your pick...

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Version 15

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal

The World's Best-Selling Legal Dictation/Transcription Software) with Headset Microphone, Video Training Portal, Online Workbook, Quick Reference Card


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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Version 15

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal with GN-USB

The World's Best-Selling Legal Dictation/Transcription Software) with Headset Microphone, Video Training Portal, Online Workbook, Quick Reference Card, WITH VEC GN-USB Desktop Microphone..


Buy Now

Remember, if you have any other questions, that we haven't answered yet, and you would like to get them answered before you place your order, please feel free to call us right now! We would be delighted to chat with you, and answer any questions you may have. Please call 403-809-8255.